The First Genuine Gaming Phone From Razer Now Found Its Successor, The Razer Phone 2

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The phone that made huge impacts on the gaming industry and dubbed as the first legitimate gaming smartphone will have its second generation. The successor to the Razer Phone, which will be called the Razer Phone 2 is now towards it release as early as the last part of this year.

Razer, the company known for its gaming computers, entered the smartphone district at the end of 2017 which marks the revival of one of the most icon devices in the gaming industry. The high-end quality hardware of the phone’s internals quickly made a huge impact around the community and was widely received by consumers.

The company cemented their reputation not only in the computer hardware department but also in the smartphones category as one of the main players specializes in gaming-focus products. They also stood up to the challenge, meeting and holding their grounds against other competitors in the phone industry.

A unique 120Hz screen is one of the selling points of the Razer Phone along with powerful components that time left its competition behind and claimed the title the best gaming smartphone out there. With these details, many are hyped about the news that the Razer Phone 2 will become available in the near future and the capabilities it can offer to its fans.

Razer Phone 2 Availability

Rumored to get its first public view as early as September this year, The new Razer Phone 2 will try to make its way to the top against the newly released gaming-centered phones like the ROG phone from Asus and the Black Shark from Xiaomi. The original Razer Phone was released September 2017 and the company might continue on using the same pattern for its successor.

Although there is no concrete evidence yet to back this up, many are hoping that the company will try to come up with something to match up against its competition. However, if the talks about this new Razer Phone 2 is true, are expecting it to be unveiled at the IFA 2018 event which starts at the 31st of August and ends at the 5th of September.

Razer Phone 2, What Is The Price Tag

As a calculated cost of the gaming phone, we can come up with a figure which might be similar to the original cost of the Razer Phone. As an assurance, it would be best to save up a little more to make some room for a possibility of a slightly higher price tag.

Razer Phone 2, What Can We Expect

For now, there aren’t any concrete details about the phone’s design and the company still haven’t made any statements about their project. However, many suggest that the new Razer Phone 2 will work on the some of the few rough edges present in the original Razer phone.

The overall quality of the original Razer Phone is one of the best and the same can be said about its aesthetics side. Although the slim bezels showing in other flagship phone is not present in the original Razer Phone, it is safe to say that the company will work on it since they know how to approach the ‘needs’ and the ‘wants’ of their consumers.

Based on the original Razer phone which features a 5.7-inch display paired with 64GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM, many are expecting that we will see an upgrade in these categories. Same goes for the 4000mAh battery capacity and a possibility of a wireless charging capability would also be a treat. Other expected upgrades would be the camera quality and the CPU power.

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