The Arrival Of PS5: News, Reports And Rumors

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The PlayStation 4 series has been around for roughly 5 years now and still showing no signs of slowing down. Now, with rumors flying around the community about the arrival of the next generation gaming console, PS5, we’ll provide all news, features, and reports about the next gaming console.

The huge success of PlayStation 4 last 2013 proves that the company is still the best in producing gaming consoles. The hype that came from news about the PlayStation 5, it is understandable that it would make a huge noise around the gaming industry.

Sony’s officials and affiliated studios deny any talks about the new gaming console or the existence of the machine. But that didn’t stop us from checking all news about the arrival of the PS5.

There are lots of things that we need to consider if we’re speculating any news about the console. November of 2013, Sony introduced the initial PS4 line, after 2 years, the company gave the Pro variant which gave a similar success as the initial PS4.

Microsoft, the closest competitor for the gaming market, gave the Xbox One X before the end of 2017 as an answer to the company’s PS4 Pro release. While Nintendo gave birth to the Nintendo Switch in March of 2017 that went as the fastest-selling gaming console ever in both the US and Japan.

The trend shows that the companies in the gaming business are considering each other’s moves and account it to their next step. Now, rumors suggest that Sony plans to release the PS5 by 2020

E3 2018 might tell us some hints about the PlayStation 5. Game titles that have reputations showed up and provided a very nice teaser about their franchises. There is only one thing in common about these games and it shows stunning visuals that might not be present in the current generation consoles.

Under The Hood

For those who are not familiar with dev kits, it is a prototype of the gaming console that a manufacturer sends to a game developer so they can test the compatibility of their games in the manufacturer’s console. Currently, there are talks floating around suggesting that PS5 dev kits are already in the hands of some game developers.

Although there is no concrete evidence to back up the claim, it is hard to just let something this big to just slip away. Also, parties that receive the dev kits are subjected to non-disclosure agreements that restrict them to provide adequate info about the suggested rumor.

Another noteworthy report came to surface saying that a Sony employee is working closely with AMD Ryzen CPU. With this news, many speculated that AMD will have a great influence in the next big project of Sony which will be the PS5. Reports suggest that the next generation console will use advanced chipset structure from AMD’s technology both for their processors and the console’s GPU.

Xbox One is probably the heaviest hitter when it comes to specs in the current generation consoles. So we are expecting that the PS5 will feature a native 4K graphics in all of the games in the platform. They might also consider giving a retouch on their handheld gaming console since Nintendo Switch was a huge success.

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