That’s What Sleeping Positions Reveal About Your Love Life

Purnima Gupta
12:29 PM

Enticing it may sound but the way you sleep can reveal what you feel for yourself and your loved one.  While we are asleep, we change positions many times. In deep sleep, we sleep on sides, over stomach or straight on our backs. When we are sleeping with our partner, then our sleeping positions may vary in comparison to when we sleep alone on the bed. Couples go through many phases in their love life and their inner feelings get subconsciously revealed by the position in which they sleep, together. Today, we are going to enlighten you about your love life through the sleeping positions.


This position is very common with new lovers and couples. At the start of every relationship, couples sleep in the spooning position, subconsciously. This sleep position indicates the presence of trust, love, and companionship.

Back to back

Sleeping back to back on opposite directions indicates that both the partners are now comfortable in their relationship. And, they are also like to give each other space to be themselves. This sleeping position also shows that there is the presence of mutual trust.


Sleeping Position

When both the partners sleep with their legs or arms entwined together, then this can be a clear indicator that both are very comfortable with each other. They also deeply relish each other’s company beyond words.

Face to face

When partners like to face each other and sleep close with a physical contact, then this indicates that they are in their initial stage of the relationship. They are keen to explore each other and also bear a good amount of fondness for each other in their heart.


When one of the partners is covering all the space on the bed, leaving very little space for the other partner to sleep; then this shows that the space-hogging partner may be dominant. It may also indicate that the other partner is silently bearing the domination of the other one.

In which do you like to sleep with your partner? Tell us here and share your views in the comment section below.

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