Tesla Teases Alleged Model Y Roadster in New Promotional Footage

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Last week, Tesla released a teaser of their upcoming vehicles, which they posted on their official YouTube channel. Although for many this seemed to be nothing out of the blue, for vehicle enthusiasts this was a gold mine. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Tesla included a shot of a still unknown car, which many believe is the new roadster the company is working on, the Model Y.

The video, tagged as Tesla 2018, was uploaded to the automotive company’s official channel, showcasing future endeavors of the company, which, as you guessed, is comprised mostly of high-end vehicles. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, described the announcement as the “Tesla quarterly all-hands video,” which he posted on Twitter.

Taking place about 15 seconds through he sneak-peek, a still unnamed white vehicle partially obscured by a veil appears, albeit a small portion of the vehicle’s side and rear segments can be seen. Business Insider is convinced that this new car is Tesla’s new Model Y.

The Model Y vehicle has been mentioned by Musk during the company’s first earnings call back in May. During the event, he made it clear that the new model will begin production and manufacturing in about 24 months, though he did not reveal a specific date. Musk also shared that this new car will revolutionize the car industry and will be an incredible specimen from a manufacturing standpoint.

News18 says that if you look closely, the new Tesla Model Y auto looks so much like the already released Tesla Model 3. However, they also indicated that why would an intelligent man like Musk tease something that’s already out?

Apart from what the video shows, there’s still not much known about the new model. Although it does, indeed, share similarities with the Model 3 -which is based off a sedan.

In other news, the video also showcased other vehicles including the Semi, the electric semi truck and a new range of Powerpack Batteries, which Tesla uses for large-scale energy storage in California and Australia.

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