Surface Pro 5 Update: Possible Release Date, Price, Specs Specified

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Microsoft fans have been waiting for the company to reveal some details about the Surface Pro 5. But despite the Redmond-based tech giant is mum about the said device, there have been rumors and speculations roaming around the wire.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date

According to Tech Advisor, Microsoft’s Panos Panay stated last May that “There’s no such thing as a Pro 5”. But then, he also said that the Microsoft would release a Surface Pro 5 when there was enough “meaningful change”. He further clarified that it doesn’t mean a hardware change, but “an experiential change that makes a huge modification in the product line”.

Moreover, there have been speculations that the Surface Pro 5 will be launched in May or June 2018. But in case that Microsoft hasn’t affected that meaningful change, then the company’s fans would wait for a longer period of time perhaps in October.

It is also worth noting that there was no Surface Pro launch in 2016. With that being said, Microsoft isn’t afraid to skip a year and leave its fans waiting. Also, the astute will already be mindful that the LTE version of the 2017 Surface Pro was unveiled only in December 2017. Thus, it seems that the Redmond-based company isn’t in rush to launch a new model.

Surface 5 Rumored Specs and Features

It is believed that the Surface Pro 5 will feature the latest Intel processors. That might be a 9th-gen chipset. As for the “experiential change”, it’s improbable to be a fundamental departure in design terms. This is because the ‘infinitely adjustable’ hinge is a signature of the series as well as the Type Covers with their backlit keys and incorporated trackpads.

When it comes to possible hardware changes, it could include USB-C ports or maybe a Thunderbolt. There are also talks that the Surface Pro 5 might be furnished with a rechargeable stylus. But with the hardware upgrades to the most recent Surface Pen, the fans can’t expect any new headline abilities beyond that.

At this moment, there’s a Type Cover with a built-in fingerprint reader. Thus, there’s also a good possibility that this feature will be retained for the next Surface Pro.

Since the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro have been reported with issues about the flickering screen and short battery life, Microsoft has to ensure that these problems will be addressed on the supposed Surface Pro 5. In fact, it can produce long-lasting hardware: the Surface Book 2 lasted over 13 hours when used for playing video, and its forerunner lasted three hours lengthier than that.

Surface Pro 5 Price

As of now, it is still hard to say what will be the Surface Pro 5’s price. But then, the previous Surface Pro models have principally stuck around the same sort of prices. The entry-level model of Surface Pro starts at around £700/US$700. Conversely, the latest Surface Pro costs from £799/US$799

Meanwhile, the top-end models are much more costly, running to over £2000/US$2000. Note that these price tags are just for the tablet itself after Microsoft decided to no longer bundle this device with the stylus in the box, and the keyboard (Type Cover) has constantly been an elective extra.

These are the known rumors about the Surface Pro 5 as of this moment. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the much-anticipated device.

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