Microsoft Surface Phone Hardware with Snapdragon 845 is in Works, May Launch This Year?

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Microsoft Surface Phone is reportedly almost ready with its hardware powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 SoC processor. However, the existence of the device has no official information from the big tech company, Microsoft, which led to many speculations among die-hard fans.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is reported to finish basic testing with the final prototypes coming out. If the said report is true, the hardware of the Microsoft Surface Phone is currently in the prototype stage, and the possible release will be at the end of this year. This super-anticipated foldable phone will be out of testing with the retail partners.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is indeed the true successor to Windows Phone. According to FirstPost, the rumored phone might offer two features: Continuum and Windows Store apps support. The Continuum feature is only available on selected Windows Phone devices and promises a desktop Windows PC experience from a phone, making it more appealing and interesting.


Another interesting feature that Microsoft is being pushy about is the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) model. Windows developers are feeling the pressure from the company to make this model for the apps to be more compatible with any Windows 10 device, as well as mobile devices. These apps are already being developed and will be published via the Windows Store, having a larger library of apps to choose from once the Microsoft Surface Phone is launched.

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The release date of the Microsoft Surface Phone is not yet officially announced from the company since the software issues are holding back its anticipated launch. The long-rumored foldable Andromeda mobile phone won’t be unveiled before the second half of this year because the software Windows Core OS is still not fully prepared. Proper optimization of the apps and the operating system must be ensured for the split-screen, foldable form factor.

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