Microsoft Surface Phone To Release Ahead Of Rumored Schedule?

Purnima Gupta
6:38 PM

As you know that Microsoft Corporation is working on its revolutionary foldable design device, surface phone aka Andromeda. The device is slated to launch this year and it has created quite a stir in the mobile technology alleys. While Microsoft phones with Windows OS were almost out of the markets due to low engagement ratio, the news of Andromeda has warmed up Microsoft’s mobile tech launch pad again.

The senior editor of Windows Central, Zac Bowden tweeted that the final mobile device will arrive “sooner than soon” or ” ahead of schedule.” This basically means that the surface phone presentation could take place officially even before the rumored dates that are ‘towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.’

Fresh rumors say that the latest SDK of Windows 10 to have “Andromeda” Shell to power the Windows Core OS in the form of the mobile composer. Windows Core OS reportedly focuses on optimizing the battery life of the foldable surface phone. An agile mobile experience is assured for users since Windows Core OS devices will use the same kernel as used for Andromeda. The foldable device will be having a Snapdragon 845 processor.

Further, surface phone’s software design is in a nascent stage, while the hardware work has almost finished.  Plus, Microsoft is all geared up to face any kind of challenge and change while designing the surface phone. The surface phone, Andromeda will support Windows Polaris shell which may allow users to Win32 applications on it. With this Microsoft is aiming to target enterprises and business, initially. Followed by the professional launch, Microsoft will float the surface phone for consumers, also.

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