Surface Phone Might Launch At The Same Time As The Redstone 5

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Due to the resounding success of the Surface tablets and laptop devices, Microsoft is also planning to release a  dubbed as Surface Phone to increase the company’s share of the smartphone market. It looks like Microsoft is close to releasing the long-awaited foldable phone.

Surface Phone release

Microsoft is said to be planning either a release or official announcement in August or September for their exciting new smartphone, according to WinCentral. This is so that Surface Phone will be released just in time for the introduction of the Redstone 5 and the Andromeda OS. Redstone 5 is the next big OS update for Windows 10.

The Andromeda OS, which will be introduced in the Surface Phone, is the rumored modular version of the Windows platform that has been customized and developed especially for upcoming devices. This particular OS is expected to maximize the innovative design of the smartphone, which may feature a foldable structure, a dual screen, and hinged form.

There is also a possibility that the upcoming Surface Phone will be officially introduced to the market through a different Microsoft hardware event. This is to increase the hype on the product and optimize profits.

Due to the revolutionary design of the Surface Andromeda phone, it may also have a new camera technology that will make use of the dual screen, according to Windows Latest. If Microsoft’s patent filings are to be believed, the camera module will protrude a bit from the device’s body.

Surface Phone

Credit- FreePatentsOnline

Surface smartphone’s powerful new processor

With its comeback into the mobile device game, Microsoft is pulling all the stops with the Surface smartphone. It will use the Snapdragon 850, which is one of the most powerful processors by manufacturer Qualcomm. It supports multi-day battery life and fiber optic LTE speeds.

Will you be buying the Surface Phone when it gets released? Let us know what you think about this exciting device in the comments section.

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