Surface Phone Concept Becomes More Ambitious, New Patent Details A Third Screen

Jasper Valdez
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Just a few weeks ago, we were filled in on what Microsoft plans for the Surface Phone. From a detachable hinge to a 360-degree free-stop mechanism, the Redmond-based tech company is really pushing the boundaries of what’s currently possible.

Though this may seem already plentiful for some, it seems like this is just the start for Microsoft. Recently, the company released another design patent online which closely resembles the Surface Phone concept (or Project Andromeda for some). However, what’s different this time around is that besides the two screens, this new design will sport a third screen placed in-between the two main foldable displays.

According to the patent document, this third screen will be able to display information, which will largely depend on the state or angle of the foldable screens. Aside from this, the additional screen will also be able to detect gestures, but what kind is still unknown.

Through the document, we also found out that the third Surface Phone screen will also have notification capabilities. The patent states that this will be largely determined by what angle the hinge is folded at.

Right now, it all still sounds too complicated to comprehend. But knowing Microsoft, we think that they’ll be able to pull off something of this caliber. Though it still remains to be seen which of their designs will be the final form of the Surface Phone.

Other Patent Designs

In other news, Microsoft, not too long ago, also released a patent, which many believe will be a potential candidate for the Surface Phone’s final design. In this design, Microsoft chose to implement a detachable hinge technology.

This new feature will allow the screens to disconnect – with both halves acting as separate devices. When connected, the two displays will be able to transfer files between each other. The two devices can also transfer charges to one another if they’re connected.

Meanwhile, another design concept, similarly release by Microsoft, employs a 360-degree rotatable hinge. However, this one doesn’t have the capability to detach the two displays from one another.

As always, we urge our readers to take these new developments with a grain of salt. It seems to us that Microsoft is still in the process of brainstorming when it comes to the Surface Phone and that’s probably why a lot of designs have been coming out these past few weeks. But despite this, it’s always exciting to see what Microsoft has in store for us -especially seeing as they’re taking the venture seriously.

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