Surface Phone: Microsoft’s Portable Windows Device Which is Under Development

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A few months ago, speculations were rife that Microsoft is all set to release a smartphone (Microsoft Surface Phone) designed by the same engineering team that made Surface Book and Surface Pro. Microsoft never confirmed or denied those rumors. However, considering the leaks that have been coming out, it seems like this is something that the company is keen on.

Listed below are the latest rumors, and news update that we have on Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft’s Portable Windows Device

Rumors were once doing the rounds that the company will put an end to Windows Phone, thereby leading people to speculate that they might not launch a Surface Phone. However, as per a news update that appears on Windows Central, it seems like Microsoft will launch a phone-type device with Windows on it.

Also, a recent patent filed by the company shows two displays and a foldable gadget with a hinge right in the center. Even though the gadget appears similar to the ZTE Axon M, it is likely to include more interesting features. The smartphone will be able to assess the state of the hinge in the center of the phone, thereby helping the device to understand whether the phone is opened up or folded.

The Windows Central also reported of Microsoft coming up with a device code-named “Andromeda,” a foldable tablet running Windows 10. This tablet is made especially to fit in the pocket. Instead of replacing the smartphone, the Andromeda will be a sort of digital pocket notebook.

This could be true as a report from Windows tipster WalkingCat also suggested the same. According to the report, Microsoft might well be developing a gadget which has a clearly defined left and right interfaces.

If this was not enough, a recent report in Windows Insider Windows 10 release, build 17025, had made reference to Andromeda. According to MSPU, this is a confirmation that Microsoft is indeed working on a unique user interface for a pen-based device that is likely to become a Surface Phone. It is also possible that it could be a pen-based foldable PC which will have the capabilities of a phone as well.

Change in Strategy Suggests Development of Microsoft Surface Phone

A new foldable Surface device is being built by the team that designed Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. The team is headed by Microsoft hardware lead Panos Panay. It is hence likely that this team is working on a smartphone with a similar design.

Surface Phone Design

At this moment, we have no clue as to what a Surface phone will seem like, but created by Nadir Aslam gives an idea of what it might turn to be like.

Microsoft Surface Phone is something that all Microsoft fans are eagerly waiting for. Until then, let us believe what Microsoft said when it declared that whenever it chooses to re-enter the smartphone industry, it will do so in the most convincing and commanding way possible. Regarding its release, several media outlets who are following Surface Phone rumors (including us) hopes that Microsoft is likely to give a glimpse of its foldable phone sometime in 2018.

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