Surface Phone: New Leaked Photo Teases What’s Coming in Microsoft’s Foldable Device

Daphne Planca
1:40 PM

A lot of the Microsoft patents on a folding device have had been kept on arriving recently and are assumed to be the mythical Surface Phone. Another leak just surfaced online from a credible source via Twitter that could possibly part of the guessing game to be added to the highly anticipated device.

According to OnMSFT, Panos Panay, the vice president of the Microsoft Corporation of devices, just recently tweeted online with a photo showing his clean desk. However, a mysterious object came to blur to the side seemingly hiding something, maybe a Surface Phone. What makes it quite interesting is the hashtag #ProductDay, which provides a hint that somehow a new product is being passed around or likely worked on at the Microsoft.

On the contrary, maybe it was just Panos kidding around because he previously admitted that he loves the avid fans of the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. Panos is often known for posting teasers on his Twitter and Instagram account. The teasers are posted right ahead of the big product release. A fine example is his reveal of the keyboards used for the Surface Pro in Shanghai, China.

Meanwhile, Daniel Rubino, an editor-in-chief of Windows Central and a Microsoft mobile enthusiast, even noticed and made an effort to enhance the original photo. He placed great attention to the part where a glare is somewhat recognizable in the photo. It seems that the person who took it could be using the Surface Phone.

No confirmation from the tech company Microsoft tells us that this photo is an official teaser of the said Surface Phone. However, in terms of specification, it is rumored to be a dual-screen foldable tablet-like device under the Project Andromeda. The device might come with the Windows 10 Redstone 5 update and presumably be unveiled before the end of this year.

So, what do you think of the latest rumor about the Microsoft Surface Phone? Share your thoughts and write them in the comment section below.

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