Everything We Know About Foldable Phones: Surface Phone, Foldable iPhone, Huawei Foldable Phone, Galaxy X

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In the last weeks, we’ve been bombarded with numerous updates regarding the development and allegedly imminent arrival of the foldable smartphone. From Samsung to Apple down to newcomers Huawei and Microsoft -manufacturers are racing against time to produce the first-ever foldable phone, aiming to mark themselves as the one true originator.

However, despite the onslaught of developments and leaks, we’re still pretty much underfed when it comes to concrete leads. But whatever the case, we’re sure that you want to know more about these devices regardless if rumors and speculations are true or not. That’s why, we’ve decided to list it all down in one place – all to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re ready, just scroll down below!

Surface Phone

If you didn’t know, Microsoft was one of the most successful handset providers in the early years of the mobile industry. However, as time and technology changed, the Redmond-based creator was left behind and ultimately decided to quit the game. But that was only for a time as Microsoft decided to come back in 2010 through the Windows Phone. Although it went well at first, the venture, as with previous ones, hit rock bottom – again relegating Microsoft to the sidelines.

Now, it seems like Microsoft is again making plans to re-enter the current market dominated by Samsung and Apple. But this time around, it won’t be following the trends as new leaks and rumors reveal that Microsoft is planning to create the first-ever smart, foldable handset, the Surface Phone.

According to speculations, the Surface Phone is already under development inside Microsoft’s headquarters with a release date set for 2018 and a dedicated team developing the phones very own operating system to be based on Windows 10. This operating system will allegedly enable the Surface phone to integrate with the current PC system, imbuing the device with the ability to run apps available for Windows 10.

In terms of design and form, the Surface Phone will be integrated with a foldable screen that deviates into two individual displays. These displays are said to be able to function independently from one another or as a single screen. Apart from this, the device is also coming with modular components – a new ‘magnetic block locking’ technology, which, in theory, will enable users to unlock and lock the device however they want.

Microsoft has also released patents to the public, which hints at Surface Phone’s camera setup. This particular camera is touted to be the first of its kind and will give Microsoft’s handset an edge over other devices. Though this is the case, details about the camera remain unknown.

Foldable iPhone

Although the details are still unclear, Apple is also said to be in the running to produce a device with a foldable screen. However, they’re in no hurry at all. According to the latest update, Apple is currently in talks with its Asian partners, specifically LG, to collaborate on a foldable OLED screen for a still unknown device.

Industry sources have also indicated that the Foldable iPhone may arrive two years from now with the screen entering production early in 2020. Besides a potential release and details about the screen’s manufacturing timeline, other details about the device are not yet known.

Huawei Foldable Phone

As reported earlier, Huawei is also planning to deliver the first, true foldable smartphone and it’s not going to waste time as news indicate that the device is set for a release in the fourth quarter of this year around November. In line with this, Huawei is said to have already procured foldable displays from LG -further proving its aim of laying down the device before the year ends.

Though the phone is scheduled for a release this year, experts believe this might be no more than an introduction to the phone, which means that the phone will probably see an official market release early in 2019. Huawei is said to be aiming to collect feedback from the mobile community before finally releasing it – in order to appeal more to the masses.

In terms of design, unlike other foldable smartphone patents we’ve seen with screens folding outward, Huawei is planning to go the other way around, employing a screen that flips and fold inward. Apart from this, other details about the phone’s internals and hardware have been kept under wraps, which means we’ll have to wait for more leaks and updates.

Samsung Galaxy X

When it comes to foldable phones, Samsung is considered to be the pioneer. Since years ago, the Korean-based company has always made it clear that they intend to change the landscape of the mobile industry, unveiling bendable screens and patenting smartphone designs that are truly extraordinary.

However, it seems like those ideas are no longer just imagined as recent updates reveal that Samsung is close to perfecting their very own foldable device, the Galaxy X. According to the latest buzz, the Galaxy X may see an unveiling at the start of 2019 as part of a still unnamed program. In addition to this, the phone’s design is set to be finalized by June of this year.

In terms of design, latest leaks indicate that the phone will have a total of three screen displays – two on the inside and one on the outside, enabling users to use the device without unfolding it. Speculation also claims that the phone will look more like a galaxy note device when extended rather than a tablet, which earlier reports described.

When it comes to hardware and internals, nothing concrete has come up. This is likely due to the fact that the device isn’t going to see a release anytime soon, which means that Samsung may still be waiting for certain parts to be created which includes, processors and chips in Galaxy X.

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