Latest Rumor Suggests A New Code Name For Microsoft Surface Phone

Purnima Gupta
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This is no surprise that the news of Microsoft’s surface phone floated many rumors. To keep you updated about the information surrounding this device, today, we are sharing one more piece of viable information.

The latest rumor recently revealed that Microsoft surface phone has received a code name. This new cropped up via trusted Microsoft sources (WalkingCat) and thus, it is quite credible. According to this fresh leak, this project of Microsoft surface phone will be called as “Project AND.” A reliable leak group, known for Microsoft exclusive leaks has floated this info via Twitter.

Surface phone is an ambitious project by Microsoft, that started last year. With a code name, now the Surface Phone looks more intriguing to technology reviewers and experts. They are predicting that the project name may be an indication of its alleged name “Andromeda”. Initials of the device name could have been applied for code-naming the surface phone.  However, a separate side of leaks is calling Project AND to be synonymous with Adaptive Notebook Device. Thus, the device is creating a sense of curiosity among Microsoft patrons.

As mentioned earlier, the Microsoft surface phone will support desktop-grade Windows program and an exclusive hinge to support the fold and unfold feature of the device. The fold-able technology is in the application already in Microsoft flagship technology devices – Microsoft Book, Surface Studio and Surface Pro.

Evidently, Microsoft Corporation seems well focused on safeguarding the revolutionary foldable screen technology. Experts are speculating that foldable phone screens could change the landscape of smart devices, altogether. Ease of carrying a big screened device that folds should provide hassle-free usage. This agility can make any smartphone more manageable, high on performance and less demanding. With foldability as an upcoming technology, the future of handheld devices looks agile and innovative.

What do you think about the upcoming foldable screen technology in Surface Phone? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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