Surface Phone Can Turn Into Mini-Laptop, Reveals New Patent

Harsh Soni
6:59 PM

It is earlier reported that Microsoft Surface Phone aka Andromeda device will come with Tablet and Mobile mode. However, the latest patent reveals one more mode for the upcoming foldable phone, which is “Laptop Mode”. This is the first time when something about Microsoft’s new ‘determinative hinge’ has been leaked.

As spotted by the notable Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, these newly spotted patents reveal the same Surface Phone that had been spotted several times previously. In the latest patents, it looks that the UI will be different when the stop will happen when in the rectangular position to that when it will be opened like a tablet at 180-degree. In rectangular position, one of the displays will have the full-screen touch-keyboard that will make the Surface Phone like a mini Laptop. However, while the device will come in fully open position then it can be used as Tablet.

Microsoft explains the alleged Surface Phone in the patent, “The description relates to devices, such as computing devices that have hinged portions. One example can include a first portion that includes a first display and a second portion that includes a second display,”

Microsoft in its patent descriptions called the hinge as the ‘determinative hinge.’ It is notched at one point on its surface, purposely the 135-degree mark, which will make the screen to remain straight in a clamshell laptop direction. The said hinge serves much of the similar function as the one shown in the patent images.

A number of patents have been leaked about the long-rumored Surface Phone. However, Microsoft has till now did not confirm anything on such device.

It should be noted that if something is patented then there is no guarantee that the thing is surely in the works. It is also possible that the Surface Phone is just an imaginary thing but coming across several leaks and proof claims that there is a low probability of this being imaginary.

What do you think about Surface Phone? Is it an imaginary concept or Microsoft is actually going to launch the revolutionary mobile technology? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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