Surface Phone Being Rebuilt For A Probable 2019 Launch

Ruby Balagso
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Fresh reports that just came in suggests that Microsoft is involved in three Surface projects, with code names as follows: Libra (Surface Go), Carmel (Surface Pro 6), and Andromeda (Surface Phone). Libra (Surface Go) is a tablet with a $400 price tag that is built to challenge the Apple iPad. This device was publicly introduced in the past week.

The foldable gadget, Andromeda, is dubbed as the long, long anticipated Surface Phone. Renders depicting the said device looks exactly like the engineering specimen done by Microsoft. This expectation has certainly delighted users. Andromeda, which is slated to be unveiled by the year’s end, was unexpectedly delayed at the start of this month.

Good bearing reports have it that the Surface project was not taken out of the worktable. Numerous sources also cite that Microsoft is in the process of renovating the software and hardware for the Surface Phone. Although Microsoft described the said foldable device as “disruptive,” it was not sufficient for the company to release it in its primary embodiment.

The above scenario is similar to the Surface Mini that was canceled prior to its production way back in 2014. The tablet was supposed to be released in 2014 was called off because Microsoft perceived that the Surface Mini will not do good in terms of sales in the market’s tablet sector.

The refurbished Andromeda’s possible date of launch might be around the late part of 2019. This information is according to Microsoft insiders. The renovated Surface Phone will have to undergo the entire internal review and approval process again, aside from getting its kinks straightened out.

Whilst the Surface Phone seems a work in progress and is actively in existence, Microsoft will not just release the said foldable phone. Microsoft will make sure that the Andromeda powered foldable phone is excellent in all aspects before it introduces the device to the public.

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