Microsoft Surface Phone Might Boast 'Back Touch', Hints Patent

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A few years before Microsoft’s user interface researchers have hinted that there might be a better use for the rear side of a phone besides covering the battery. They have suggested that the back side of the phone may be used to control whatever is going on the screen by making it touch sensitive. With that being said, the latest patents titled “Gesture Language for a Device with Multiple Touch Surfaces”, explains a mobile device with the touchscreen on the backside and it is said to be upcoming Surface Phone also known as Andromeda phone.

A gesture language for a device with multiple touch surfaces is described. Generally, a series of new touch input models is described that includes touch input interactions on two disjoint touch-sensitive surfaces. For example, a mobile device can include a primary display on a “front” side of the device, and a secondary display or touch-sensitive surface on the “back” side of the device, such as a surface that is opposite the primary display. Accordingly, the gesture language can include a series of “back touch” interactions with the touch-sensitive surface on the backside of the device. Example interactions include direct and indirect touch input on the back side, as well as simultaneous touch input on both sides of the device, Microsoft patent reads.

Most of the patents by Microsoft were based on foldable displays, but the newly spotted patent suggests that Microsoft’s upcoming surface phone might feature back the touch, which is a new technology where the back side of the device will have touch-sensitive surface. If this turns out to be real then the upcoming Andromeda phone will be having a touch-sensitive surface on both the sides that can be used for the gesture purpose.

This will be similar to the gesture in Samsung phones where the fingerprint sensor is used to pull down the notification shade or for other purposes. Christian Klein and other Microsoft researchers speculate that in the same configurations, a foldable Surface Phone might automatically offer a touch-sensitive surface on the rear side of the device.

Microsoft is still exploring new ideas for its upcoming rumored surface phone that which is said to be innovative. However, it should be noted that patents can’t be a proof that such a device is coming to the market. The patent only hints that the Microsoft has in mind more than one idea on how to build the ultimate mobile that won’t work like a general smartphone.

Microsoft is also rumored to feature Windows Hello support for the highly-anticipated Surface Phone aka Andromeda.  According to previous leaks and reports, the Surface Phone aka Andromeda could hit the market before the end of the year. Microsoft hasn’t yet decided the release date of the rumored device but it’s highly probable that we will learn more about it at the company’s Build 2018 developer conference.

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