Surface Phone (Andromeda) Spotted in Latest Device Validation Requests of Windows 10 Code; Releasing Soon?

Harsh Soni
3:12 PM

We all are aware of the rumor that Microsoft is working on a foldable Surface Phone that is internally known as Andromeda, which runs the Andromeda OS. However, the said Andromeda device and OS both have spotted in the device validation requests on the Windows 10 SDK code.

The famous Microsoft tipster WalkingCat has revealed some information, which hints that Microsoft is actively developing the Surface Phone, and may be heading towards the final version of the hardware internally. The latest tweets by WalkingCat presents details based on the Windows 10 17672 SDK, the SDK contains a number of clues to the rumored Andromeda device and Andromeda OS.

According to the screenshots in the tweet, Andromeda OS is able to support both ARM64 and X86 configurations and the launch type is defined as “Production”. This actually suggests at sooner launch for the Andromeda OS as it has touched the Production stage. Going by the present leak, it looks like the Andromeda OS will carry both ARM and x86, while the actual Andromeda powered Surface Phone will be an ARM device.

The rumored Andromeda device aka Surface Phone is also mentioned as a Qualcomm Snapdragon powered device with ARM64 configuration. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (QC8998) is also stated in the screenshot.

The Windows 10 SDK also mentions WindowsCoreOS (a new base OS for Windows) and Polaris, the desktop shell which will run on top of that. The Andromeda OS and surface phone release are widely rumored to be in H2 of 2018 and this leak surely gives more hope to the fans that are eagerly waiting for the Surface Phone.

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