Surface Phone "Andromeda" Able To Make Calls And Send Text Messages

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Over the years, there have been many leaks, speculations and rumors reported regarding Microsoft’s Surface phone. One of those leaks was that Microsoft is working on a new mobile-type device under the name “Andromeda” which many believe is the long-rumored Surface Phone. Now, recent reports indicate that the device will be able to make phone calls.

Telephony Capabilities

Although it is reported to be a 3-in-1 hybrid device (specifically a phone, tablet, and PC), there is an ongoing debate in the fan community over whether the said device would or should have telephony capabilities.  But regardless of whether the said device would or should have telephony capabilities, according to WC, there have been prototypes with telephony capabilities which is a good indication that it will be capable of making calls and sending text messages.

Other Rumored Features And Specs

Last week, The Win Central published an article regarding the Surface Phone/Microsoft Andromeda’s specs and features. Regarding its design, it will feature OLED dual-displays hinged together to act as one in single display or tablet mode which will in return provide an unhindered visual experience. Meanwhile, on its folded position, it will give offer a smartphone-like experience.

Speaking about its screen, it will have advanced multitasking features which will allow it to take advantage of the two-hinged displays of the same size where the main focus is the seamless transition from either mode. It will also have a “Laptop Mode” where one screen acts as the display, while the other as the keyboard.

The device is reported to feature Surface Pen support for note-taking. In addition to that, it will also feature Note app which according to the article could be called Journal.

Another interesting rumor is that it will have holographic display projection features. Alex Kipman is rumored to be involved in developing this hardware.

It will be able to run classical Win32 apps with the second iteration of the modular Windows Core OS. Aside from that, the Andromeda OS will have Polaris composable shell and Andromeda composable shell. Just to point out, Polaris is the Windows 10 Desktop replacement for the Windows Core OS.

The device is also reported to have the most advanced version of Continuum feature. In the Continuum mode, it will be able to run Win32 apps like on a full Windows 10 version.

Regarding its dual-display foldable design, there will be new and powerful office apps mated to its dual-display foldable design. Lastly, it will feature a modified USB Type C port.

So what do you think about the rumored specs and features of the Surface Phone Andromeda? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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