Surface Phone "Andromeda" Latest Rumor Roundup

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Over the years, there have been many rumors, leaks, and speculations regarding the elusive Surface Phone. This time, however, recent reports indicate that the said device is less of a phone and more of a portable and foldable PC referred as “Andromeda”.  Here are the things you should know about the device:

Dual-Screen Computing Device Coming This Year

According to Digital Trends, during this year’s E3 conference, there have been reports indicating that Microsoft will be releasing a dual-screen computing device. The device was under the codename “Andromeda” and it will be released this year.

An article at The Wind Central reports that it may not be before September-October that we will be able to hear anything official regarding the said device. However, it is speculated that both OS and device of Andromeda aka Surface Phone will be announced along with the launch of Redstone 5 (a.k.a Windows 10 Version 1809).

Andromeda’s Design

Regarding its design, it was first mentioned in the Windows Insider 10 Release, build 17025 – on a tweet made by WalkingCat.

In addition to that, a patent for the said device also surfaced. The patent features 4 pictures of a foldable dual-screen device:

surface phone

via WalkingCat

surface phone

via Walking Cat

“Panos Phone”?

Digital Trends notes a report at Windows Central stating that a rumored Intel-powered Windows 10 device which was slated for May of 2016 has been canceled and has been replaced with a new design to be built by the Surface team led by Panos Panay.  The device was previously referred as “Phanos phone” and reports have speculated that this could be the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Bought

Two years ago, a Reddit user posted that “ redirects to Microsoft surface page“. The site was registered back in May of 2007.

However, not many are convinced that this is a clear indication that the company specifically bought this for the Surface Phone. The reason is that companies usually buy domain names such as this in order to avoid confusion or scamming issues in the case that they release a product under the same name.

What Makes It So Appealing?

The thing about what Surface Phone makes it so appealing is because it’s a smartphone, tablet, and a PC – basically a 3-in-1. However, people are wondering if it will be successful once it’s released, and what other features it could offer aside from its foldable design with two screens and running on Windows 10.

An article at Windows Central suggests that for it to be successful, it must at least have telephony capabilities (make calls and send texts). The thing is, it needs to be a hybrid that creates a new category of product that is truly mobile.

Regarding if the hybrid phone should have an incredible camera, the article thinks not really. Although it is expected to have a camera, the chances of it featuring a camera that could rival that of the Google Pixel 2 or Apple iPhone X seems unlikely.  However, the article suggests that for the device’s camera features, it may offer 3D scanning and be able to use multiple cameras at once for group Skype call.

So what do you think about Surface Phone rumors roundup? Are these just baseless rumors or do they hold some truth? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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