Surface Phone (Andromeda) Expected To Arrive This Year, Other Surface Devices Revealed

Maricris Jose
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The Microsoft Surface Phone (Andromeda) is expected to be released this year. Aside from the much-rumored foldable device, the Redmond-based tech company will launch other devices that are dubbed as Carmel and Libra.

Thurrott writer Brad Sams was able to see some internal documents revealing the future plans of Microsoft to its Surface brand. The said documents also identify formerly unknown codenames for forthcoming products. Nonetheless, the company could possibly change before the products are launched or it could possibly be disregarded.

Based on the documents Microsoft could launch the Surface Pro 6, which is internally known as Carmel. Along with that handset is the forthcoming low-cost Surface Tablet that is dubbed as Libra, and last but not the least is the Surface Phone (Andromeda) that has been making rounds in the rumor mills for quite a long time.

The Libra tablet is possibly the device that has been reported earlier this year. It is a low-cost Surface tablet that’s slated for 2018. The documentation was aligned with this report and it was expected that the device will hit the market shelves before the year ends.

The other device is the Surface Pro 6 (Carmel), it didn’t have a shipping date and seeing that Microsoft only newly released the LTE variety of the Surface Pro 5, this device may not arrive as soon as many tech enthusiasts hoped. With that being said, a refresh of the product is actively being developed.

Last but not the least is the Surface Phone (Andromeda). This device is a bit more interesting since the said documentation reveals that the handset scheduled to be unveiled in 2018.

The Redmond-based tech giant thinks of the Surface Phone (Andromeda) is a pocketable handset that can make truly personal and multipurpose computing experience. But then the company also stated that after the release of its Surface Phone (Andromeda), the OEM partners will launch similar hardware as well. Microsoft is expecting to create a new product category with this hardware.

As of this moment, these are the known details about the Surface Phone (Andromeda) and the other Surface handsets. Always keep an eye for further details about these devices from Microsoft.

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