One of the highly anticipated premium high-end smartphones that are coming this year is the Google Pixel 4 and there have been rumors, leaks, speculations, and official talks about the said device. For this article, we will be focusing on a Pixel 4 stormtrooper concept renders.

The Concept Renders

Jonas Daehnert (@PhoneDesigner) took to Twitter just a few days ago to present a Stormtrooper-inspired concept renders for the highly anticipated Pixel 4. So far, the tweet has accumulated 576 likes and 75 retweets.

Based on the photos provided by Daehnert, for the front design of the Pixel 4, it features a punch-hole display with its front camera located at the top left. At the back, it features a horizontal dual camera setup with an LED flash beside it.

At the side, it features two buttons. And finally at the bottom, we can see that it features a SIM card tray and USB port.

Could This Be What The Pixel 4 Will Look Like?

According to a report, Daehnert notes that the photos are merely concept renders and are not necessarily entirely based on recent leaks.

Talking about what the Pixel 4 will actually look like, there is a screen protector for the Pixel 4 that can already be pre-ordered which are being sold by Skinomi. The screen protector features a dual-lens punch-hole camera in the top right corner of the screen and has gaps for stereo speakers above and below the display.

So are the screen protectors authentic? It’s hard to say.

When Is The Pixel 4 Coming?

The Pixel 4 is expected to arrive either in October or November. This is because the first and second generation Pixels were announced and released on October, while the third generation Pixel was announced in October and then released the following month.

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