Star Trek: Discovery Spoilers- Who Killed Dr. Hugh Culber?

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All the fans of Star Trek: Discovery out there, get ready for some spoilers. As per the latest entertainment news, the recent winter premiere of the show has revealed a surprising twist in the plot.

The episode shows Dr. Hugh Culber and his gay partner Lt. Paul Stamets, who is going very strong in their relationship. Culber’s patient, Lt. Ash Tyler, asks his doctor to examine him. Following this, Culber unveils some hard-hitting true facts about his patient.

According to, “Inspection revealed scar tissue Culber attributed Tyler’s torture was something more. The Klingons had actually changed Tyler’s physical appearance. He also found evidence of a second personality in Tyler. The Klingons had altered Tyler’s body and mind”.

Why killed Culber?

As per the latest entertainment news, what follows next is rather shocking for the viewers. While the physical examination was on, the medical officer’s words made Tyler angry, resulting in Culber’s death. Although Culber’s murder was a shocker for all of us, the makers of the show have explained the reason behind it. During an interview with, the showrunner Aaron Harberts said that they had planned Culber’s death for long. It was something that did not happen all of a sudden.

He said they knew that Tyler would be murdering Culber. The makers describe Culber as a confused man, however, he is also very smart. He is someone who is always looking for answers and is quite ahead of everything. That’s what possibly brought his death too soon.

“He’s killed because he’s the smartest person on this ship and he’s getting dangerously close to putting his finger on the truth. Culber dies because he is a hero and because he is really very insightful, smart, doing his job and, frankly, trying to protect his crew and this officer who is coming apart at the seams”, the makers explain.

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