Here’re Some Interesting Details about ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ You Wouldn’t Like To Miss

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Somewhere or the other we all are psyched up about the next installment of the Spider-Man series, titled Spider-Man Far From Home. Though the film is almost seven months away from its theatrical release, it’s hogging quite a limelight in media.

We all know the makers are yet to kick-off promotional activities for the flick, but those who have been following each and every titbit about the film in media over the months, already know certain things about it. From casting announcements, to exclusive images from the sets to Tom Holland’s inability to keep certain things only to himself have added a lot to the buzz of the movie among cinephiles. Let’s have a look at things we already know and also things we don’t know anything about.

We first begin with things we know will happen in the latest installment of Spider-Man. Spider-Man Far From Home is headlined by Tom Holland, which makes one thing certain that Peter Parker is very much alive and kicking as opposed to what we saw at the end of Infinity War. Interestingly, Spider-Man Far From Home will start minutes after where the upcoming Avengers 4 ends. Talking about Far From Home’s main villain Mysterio, it has been widely reported that Jake Gyllenhaal will be seen in the role. Some photos from the set also kind of confirm the news. However, an official announcement is yet to be made. Another villain Vulture may also join the force with Mysterio.

Now let’s talk about things that many of us don’t know. If Iron Man failed to survive the Snap, there will be no romantic angle between Tony Stark and Aunt May in Far From Home. The movie may also include a character which belongs to the colorful LGBTQ community. Alistair Smythe, the Spider-Slayer, might return to the franchise, but this time as Peter Parker’s classmate. Last but not least, Spider-Man. Spider-Man Far From Home will unfold on a summer vacation trip around Europe. It’s in the title, guys.

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