Sony Secretly Plans To Launch PlayStation 5 Earlier Than Expected; November 2019 Release Possible?

Maricris Jose
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Numerous speculations about the PlayStation 5 release have surfaced online. Recently, another rumor stated that Sony is secretly planning to launch the much-anticipated gaming console earlier, which is probably in November.

According to Esquire, Sony CEO John Kodera sustains that the company’s fans won’t be seeing the PlayStation 5 until 2021. Nonetheless, the experts in the industry are claiming that a secret launch is planned; thus, PS5 may be in the hands of the patrons earlier than expected.

It is also worth mentioning that T3 has stated in its article that Sony is looking to get in ahead of the Xbox Two, which is codenamed ‘Xbox Scarlett.’ This will allegedly be done by releasing the PS5 during the Christmas 2019.

The said theory was initially suggested by Michael Pachter, the world’s leading gaming analyst, who owns a great track record of foreseeing the industrial activities. Gossips suggest that the PlayStation 5 development kits are already doing the rounds for months now.  Aside from Pachter, Hideki Yasuda, another respected gaming industry analyst who works at the Osaka-based firm Ace Economic Research Institute, has supported the claim that the Japanese tech giant is planning to do a sneak attack on its competitor.

Yasuda believed that the PlayStation 5 will make its first appearance at the end of 2019. This likely point to a November launch date, which is just in time for the holiday season. In case Sony would do this, it would give the company a year’s head-start on Microsoft if the Redmond-based tech giant will not do a surprise early launch for the Xbox 2.

The report also stated in detail about the upcoming console’s hardware:

“The company’s game machine is a high-performance machine that utilises high-end computer graphics… including the installation of a large number of MLCC [components].”

It can be recalled that it was in May when Kadera stated that Sony has to leave the old-fashioned way of looking at the gaming console life cycle and that it has to “crouch down” for a while to be able to jump higher in the future.

Do you think Sony really has plans of launching the PlayStation 5 early? Please share your views with us in the comment section below.

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