Sony Reshuffles PlayStation Execs, PS5 May Not Be Revealed This Year

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Last Monday, Sony announced its new boss. Meanwhile, on another Sony report, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) may not be revealed this year.

Sony Has A New Boss

According to a report, Sony has promoted veteran PlayStation executive Jim Ryan to President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Apparently, this has been the second management reshuffle in less than 2 years.

On April 1, 2019, Jim Ryan will officially take over, leaving his post as deputy president. However, that post will be taken over by John Kodera, the current president and CEO of SIE. So basically, the two will be switching job titles.

Why The Change?

According to Sony Corporation President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the move will ensure a sustainable evolution of the PlayStation platform and further growth of the network area.  With the new structure, Ryan will manage SIE’s overall organization and operations, while Kodera, on the other hand, will be able to focus on further developing the PlayStation Network (PSN) that has now grown into an immensely large platform with over 90 million Monthly Active Users worldwide.

In fact, earlier this year, on an interview with the New York Times, Yoshida signaled his intent to capitalize on the PSN’s audience to promote Sony’s entertainment businesses. He said that the PSN is a strong entertainment for Sony which is very suitable for video and music content.

2019 PS5 Reveal Unlikely?

There have been rumors that Sony will unveil the PS5 this year. One of the rumors is RuthenicCookie’s claim, suggesting that Sony will do a small reveal in mid-2019 followed by a full reveal at PSX 2019. There was also a report from a respected Japanese analytical firm Ace Securities who believes that the PS5 could be “introduced” at the end of 2019.

However, according to TweakTown, Sony revealing the PS5 this year seems unlikely. Why?

The first reason is SIE Worldwide Chairman Shawn Layden’s comment regarding E3 2019 and why Sony is skipping the show.

Layden told CNET that for Sony’s 2019 June event, they will be focused on celebrating gaming rather than “dropping the next bomb”. What is this next bomb? Well, everyone has their own assumptions. In addition to that, he also confirmed that the company doesn’t really have anything to show off by June.

The second reason is thanks to a recent financial earnings report which suggests that Sony isn’t yet ready to say goodbye to the PS4.

TweakTown notes that Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about how networking and services are the strongest opportunities for growth for both PlayStation and other segments. Right now, the PS4 has a massive 91 million strong install base. With such number, this makes it a lucrative nexus for such services.

The third reason is the predictions given by industry experts. So far, the most popular prediction is a 2020 release.

Do you think that Sony should focus on developing the PSN for video and music content? What do you think are the chances of Sony revealing the PS5 this year? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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