Sony PS One Classic Mini Console Might Launch Before PlayStation 5

Harsh Soni
3:55 PM

Still, have the original Sony PlayStation One that came out way back in 1994? The standard console that conveyed timeless titles that generated follow-ups and series for such games as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil is looking to be innovated soon.

It seems that Sony is producing its customize edition of a modified mini console i.e. PS One Mini that would give the SNES Classic and NES Classic Editions a run for their money in no time. And this would keep avid followers and users on track till the arrival of the PS5, which everyone hopes is sooner than later.

John Kodera, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated during an interview that the firm is currently discussing producing a classic mini console. He remarked that the company is consistently working on previous resources, and he gave the notion that they are considering numerous methods on how to construct a standard console. So, for the time being, Sony is in the process of thinking about the best way to having the project materialize.

This is in lieu of the trend generated by the release of the SNES and NES mini gaming machines by Nintendo that became quite famous and favorite that they sold like hotcakes upon being introduced to the public.

The PlayStation One Classic Mini console’s appearance will be similar to the original one. However, it will have a more compact or smaller shape that has games loaded in its memory beforehand. This particular console has the greatest games from the past one can actually recall. And not only that, the price is also expected to be reasonable and it will be multiplayer to boot.

Hopefully, Sony releases the PlayStation One Mini by Christmas as Nintendo did with its NES Classic Mini, to preserve the thrill and fuel craving for the PS5 for a little while longer.

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