Sony PlayStation 5 Will Feature AMD's Zen and Navi Graphics Architectures

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New details about Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been discovered. Apparently, the upcoming gaming console will be packed with AMD’s Zen and Navi graphics architectures.

The New Leak

According to Forbes’ Jason Evangelho, he spoke with industry sources under the condition of anonymity.  The sources told him that the upcoming PS5 console will be using both AMD’s Zen and Navi graphics architectures. However, the source didn’t specify if the console will incorporate a beefy SoC or use a separate Ryzen and Navi-based components. Regarding AMD’s Navi graphics architecture, there aren’t that many details yet know about it except for the fact that it will use the 7nm process.

Another interesting information mentioned by the anonymous source is that the Navi was specifically built for the PlayStation 5. Apparently, most of AMD and Sony’s Navi collaboration took place while Raja Koduri was at AMD. Koduri is the boss and chief architect of Radeon Technologies Group.

When Will The PS5 Be Coming?

Although there have been no official announcements from Sony regarding the PS5’s release date, the most popular possible release date is 2020. However, there have been also other reports mentioning that it could be this year which many have deemed close to impossible, while others say it could be 2019.

In fact, well-known industry analyst Michael Patcher even went on record regarding the release dates of the upcoming gaming console. According to him, 2018 have a very low probability, 2019 has a 25% chance and 2020 has a 75% chance.

How Much Will It Cost?

Although it’s expected to be a powerful device, it’s expected to cost around $399. Why? Well considering what happened to the PS3’s launching price ($499 for its 20GB model and $599 for its 60GB model), it unlikely that Sony will go that expensive ever again.

So what can you say about the PS5 featuring AMD’s Zen and Navi graphics architecture? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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