Sony Latest News: PlayStation Experience Cancelled, PlayStation VR 2 Will Launch In Late 2019

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We have a bad news and a good news for PlayStation lovers. The bad news is there won’t be a PlayStation Experience (PSX) in North America this year. On the other hand, the good news that Sony’s second-gen PSVR headset (PSVR2) may coincide with the PlayStation 5’s launch date.

But First… What Is The PlayStation Experience?

The PSX is an annual event for the video game industry presented by Sony to advertise PS games and game-related merchandises. Since 2014, the company has held PSX events annually in North America.

Although there was a PSX event last August of 2018, that was for South East Asia. It was held in GMM Live House, Bangkok, Thailand.

No PlayStation Experience This Year

According to a report, on the 308th episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony Interactive Chairman Executive and World Wide Chairman, Shawn Layden, confirmed that there won’t be a PSX event happening this year. The reason behind this is because the company doesn’t have that much material to bring people all together in some location in North America to hold that event.

Layden then mentions that it was a hard decision for them to make. However, they had no choice but to do so because they didn’t want to set the expectations so high and fail to deliver.

The PlayStation VR 2

According to a recent report by The VR Soldier, the PSVR2’s launch could coincide with the PS5’s release. Although this piece of information isn’t entirely new because the PSVR2 has been rumored to coincide with the release date of the PS5 in the past by some reports (and videos), what’s interesting is that last week, a Japanese analytical firm named Ace Securities claimed that the “PS5 will be introduced at the end of 2019”.

As we (73Buzz) have pointed out in our previous article, the word used was “introduced”. With this, it could mean that Sony could unveil it rather than releasing it. If it is so, when will it be released then? A few days later in the same month, or will we have to wait for the following year?

On the other hand, if we are to assume that Ace Industries meant that it will be “released”, it also makes sense. An article at T3 notes that the PS4 Pro, PS3 and original PS were released in either November or December of their launch year.

However, there have also been past reports suggesting that the PSVR2 could be released on a much later date. One report suggests that it could be a year or more after the release of the PS5.

What can you say about Sony canceling this year’s 2018 PlayStation Experience? Also, do you believe that the PlayStation VR 2 will be released alongside the PlayStation 5? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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