Sony To Incorporate Blockchain Technology Into PlayStation 5, New Feature Will Give Players More Control Over Digital Purchases

Jasper Valdez
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For the last few weeks, we’ve heard a lot of updates regarding Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 5. From backward compatibility to VR capabilities, rumors keep popping up about the console’s alleged new features. Though this is the case, most of this information still hasn’t been confirmed or simply lack credibility or a solid backing.

However, the same cannot be said about this new feature that Sony intends to integrate into the PS5. Just recently, Sony Corporation came out with a new patent document discussing the company’s take on blockchain technology.

For starters, blockchain technology is a digital management system which secures users’ data without regard for the passage of time or the owner’s condition (alive or deceased) – in simpler terms ‘forever,’ ‘whenever,’ and ‘how long’ you want. If implemented, this could mean well for users seeing as they’d be able to access and control their digital data more easily and more securely.

In fact, the patent indicates that it will allow “users sharing rights and temporary sharing of rights.” This means that, if Sony chooses to push the technology to the PlayStation 5, players will be able to share their games with friends or family by way of transferring rights (e.g lending their private game key to another individual).

According to T3, the strategy seems to make sense. In the past few weeks, many have voiced their opinion about what’s next for the gaming industry – game streaming and the transition to the digital platform were both at the top of the predictions. Aside from this, physical game units have become quite scarce ever since consoles were imbued with network capabilities, which further supports the possibility of adopting a solely digital gaming environment and, of course, blockchain technology.

Another update which seems to add credibility to this claim is news of a 5G-powered portable PlayStation arriving alongside the PlayStation 5. This particular device is allegedly going to put emphasis on game streaming, which mixes well with Sony’s blockchain venture focused on giving users the freedom to control their digital data across different devices without restrictions.

Overall, this sounds pretty promising. If undertaken, this could drastically transform the whole platform -giving rise to a whole new gaming experience that’s more focused on the players rather than the retailers and companies. However, it still remains to be seen if the technology will be ready in time for the PS5’s estimated release of 2020 or 2021.

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