Why Smoking For Weight Loss is a Terrible Idea!

Purnima Gupta
10:06 PM

Despite, multiple warnings on cigarette packets, media campaigns and outdoor advertising, smoking continues to persist, especially among the male folks. All of us are aware of the terrible consequences of smoking. Yet, bunch of smokers can be easily spotted anywhere in public spaces. Have we ever tried to understand that what makes an unhealthy habit like smoking continue in our society?

One of the primary reasons for smoking is the addiction, followed by distorted notions attached to smoking. Smoking, in the past was glorified as a sign of macho-ism in the TV ads. Subsequently, this increased the revenues of cigarette manufacturers, on the other hand increasing  public health risks. Smoking as a habit stayed due to constant glorification through advertising. Majority of smokers, even accept the ill-effects yet they fail to quit due to weak willpower. Some of them even push hard to quit but later on, re-endorse smoking after a brief gap. Smoking can be regraded as a honey trap, that affects the victim slow and steady. Keeping distance from this habit is the only feasible solution, yet known to mankind.

Smoking is more than a health hazard. Smoking causes grave ailments such as lung cancer, kidney and heart diseases. Chain smokers are even at greater risk of developing health issues at early stages of life. When smoking, not merely smoker is at health risk but also it causes serious damages to the passive smokers. Smoking is popular for false notions and as an answer to achieve quick weight loss. Yes, the weight loss happens when someone smokes however, there is only loss and no gain for active smokers, in terms of health. Trying to lose the kilos through smoking is actually a horrendous idea.

We are presenting plenty of good reasons to stay away from smoking and using it for weight loss.

  1. Smoking once or twice in a day leads to weight loss. This weight loss is unnatural and very unhealthy for internal system of human body. The body of a smoker feels worn out easily at the end of the day. This the first warning sign of endorsing the habit of smoking.
  2. All types of cigarettes contain nicotine, which is found in tobacco. Tobacco is the main constituent of cigarettes. Nicotine creates a layer on smoker’s tongue in the due course of smoking. This layer causes serious food aversions. Due to this, all smokers experience loss of appetite. An alarming sign of health deterioration.
  3. Suppression of appetite might result in a quick weight loss, almost within a month. But this weight loss blocks the body in receiving essential nutrients and deficiencies start to develop, due to food aversions.
  4. Internal effects of smoking are far more dangerous than external. Smoker’s can develop scaly skin tissues and blackened lips. While internally, a smoker continues to lose weight & his/her blood vessel begin contracting. The contraction of blood vessels results in decreased blood supply to internal organs. Therefore, continued smoking might show a brief weight loss but results serious damage to our internal organs, in due course.
  5. Smoking increases the metabolic rate of a smoker. While the overall metabolic efficiency reduces drastically as smokers do not take enough calories due to food aversions. The body of a smokers fails to get enough nutrition & calories to maintain healthy functioning of internal organs.

Hope you liked the facts presented in the above section related to continuous smoking and weight loss. Do not forget to share this piece of information with others.

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