Smog Holds Up Sri Lankan Cricketers; Few Players Throw Up

Purnima Gupta
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Sri Lankan team is on India’s tour for Test series and ODI matches. While playing the 3rd test match against Indian Cricket Team in Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, some of the Sri Lankan players complained about uneasiness. For about 30 minutes the game was also halted 2 or 3 times. According to Sri Lankan coach, Nic Pothas, a couple of players were found vomiting off the field.

This is one-of-a-kind incident reported by a visiting team. As per Sri Lankan coach, Nic Pothas, players named Lahiru Gamage and Suranga Lakmal reported uneasiness in breathing. They both were sent off the field after consulting the umpire.

However, according to the coach, “Players complained about the breathing and came off the field. They were throwing up continuously. There were oxygen cylinders in the changing room. It was very abnormal for players to suffer in this way while playing”.

The coach moreover said that their player Lakmal was continuously vomiting off the field and a doctor was required to be called in to treat him. In addition, he informed that match referee would be deciding authority on this issue. There will be meeting related to this incident before the play for next day resumes. Sri Lankan players were playing on the field wearing pollution masks.

BCCI’s Stand

However, BCCI trashed the claims of smog as the culprit behind this issue. BCCI President, BK Khanna pointed out that, ‘there was the crowd of 20,000 people watching the match. None of them had any such complaints. Why only Sri Lankan team is facing such circumstances, he questioned.

While commentator Ayaz Menon also said that this incident signals at the amount of Delhi pollution and pointed out at the severity of the issue.

Many Indian fans, too, took to Twitter and tried to accuse Sri Lankans of being melodramatic over the whole issue.

In the stadium, some Indian fans were seen criticising the team for making an issue out of nothing. And they even called some of the Sri Lankan batsmen as “Losers” over wasting the match time.

Delhi’s Deadly Smog

Delhi is reeling under severe smog. According to World Health Organization website, Delhi is listed among highly polluted cities in Asia. Many harmful air pollutants are above the danger mark. According to WHO (World Health Organization), in terms of air quality, the situation in Delhi is grim. The medical health organization in Delhi have issued several warnings earlier also.

Delhi has ranked among most polluted cities in the world. Recently, a health emergency was declared by the doctors association in Delhi when pollution levels crossed the defined limits. The main pollutants – PM 2.5 and PM 10 are usually reported above the normal mark of pollution.

Doctors have been issuing warnings related to Delhi smog. People of Delhi are warned against taking morning walks in the smoggy air. Doctors have mentioned that such polluted air can trigger asthma attacks, severe lung conditions and can create a risk of a heart stroke.

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