Turn Monsoon Hair Woes into Ultimate Bliss with These Simple Hair Hacks

Purnima Gupta
8:01 PM

Monsoon is considered a tough time for the tresses. People often complain about excessive sweating and oily scalp in monsoons. Some face above normal hair fall as well. Basically, as per the popular notion goes, the monsoon brings many hair woes for people, especially the females. But, many fail to look at the sunny side of the monsoon season.

During the monsoon, there are no dust or pollution particles in the air. So, your tresses are completely safe from any kind of damaging intrusion which can cause hair fall. Adding to the benefits of the rainy season, let us tell you that our hair goes through the regeneration phase. You might have noticed how the hair growth also picks up during monsoons.

Monsoon air is usually damp and filled with moisture and therefore, people with oily hair face tougher time dealing with it. Millennials who have a dry hair scalp get an easy escape though!  With fewer issues to face in the monsoon season, people with dry scalp actually enjoy a moisturized scalp for a change. But yet, common hair problems like dampness within the tresses, brittleness, and sweating do occur on a dry scalp.

Here, we are presenting some effective hacks to deal with monsoon hair woes for you.

Counter sweaty scalp

Wash your hair four times to stop the sweatiness from making your hair sticky. Use a good herbal shampoo so that your hair doesn’t feel the heat of chemical shampoos. And you can keep your hair free from moisture without much stress.

Don’t miss out on oiling

Yes, monsoon does not mean that you do should skip that oil massage. In fact, oil massage can greatly help in nourishing your scalp even during the monsoons. People with dry scalp need it the most.

Don’t forget to condition

Hair hacks

Sometimes, we intentionally want to enjoy the sudden downpour until we get wet thoroughly. Our tresses become frizzy and dry once we did with our little adventure in rain. We recommend such folks to have a deep conditioning done to stop any dryness which might be caused due to the rain water.

Eat protein rich food

Last but not the least, eat a protein-rich diet. Have more pulses, grams and egg yolks to keep your tresses strong and shiny during this monsoon season.

So, splash around friends and enjoy the monsoon shower with our hair care hacks. Do let us which ones you will follow this season in the comment section below.

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