Here’s How Shane Walsh Can Return To The Walking Dead Series

Mohnish Singh
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After gaining an unprecedentedly high popularity among audiences with great eight successful seasons, one of the most popular post-apocalyptic horror television series, The Walking Dead, is returning with its ninth season. If you have been following everything said and written about the series in the news ever since the ninth season was announced, you know the latest season is going to premiere with a lot of changes.

While actor Jon Bernthal, who played Rick’s former police partner and close friend in the first two installments of the series, is returning to The Walking Dead season 9, series’ protagonist Andrew Lincoln, who wooed audiences as Rick Grimes, is bidding adieu to it after a decade. While fans are a little taken aback by Lincoln’s unexpected goodbye to the series, they are quite excited to see Jon Bernthal returning to the series after breathing his last in the second season. So, how will his character make his return after biting the dust in season 2? Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

If you have religiously followed all the seasons of the series, you know Shane died as a man and as a zombie in the second installment. So, he cannot be brought back as a human being, for sure. Chances are that the makers will introduce him in a dream or a flashback. Never forget that Shane was killed by Rick, so Rick might have a flashback to the good olden times to find a closure before he himself falls off his own perch in Walking Dead season 9.

Shane betrayed Rick, and it was his betrayal which led Rick to take his friend’s life. If there is a possibility of Rick remembering Shane for all the good time to find a closure, we cannot rule out the possibility of him remembering Shane for the bad times. He can remember Shane as a hard lesson and get over him for once and for all.

Ways to bring Shane back are many. It will be interesting to see what tools the makers use to revive the long-gone character.

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