"Shadowgun Legends" Finally Releasing To iOS, NVIDIA SHIELD, and Android On March 22

Antonio Manaytay
12:48 PM

It’s official. “Shadowgun Legends” will be releasing on March 22 on iOS, NVIDIA SHIELD, and Android after a long wait.

Most people may have already forgotten the game by Madfinger Games after it broke into the gaming environment in 2016. This time, the company broke the news on Twitter saying it’s final.

For those who can hardly remember the game, aside from its excellent visuals “Shadowgun Legends” has its crafting – guns can be disassembled and put together in almost a hundred combinations for a player to choose from – as the most exciting feature among others. The MMO stature has two modes: Main story and Raid Missions which can be played by two up to 10 players.

Basically, the game is a first-person campaign with up to more than 200 missions in four planets. It does away with monotony by having coop missions for a player and friends to launch against bosses, including a giant. The developers assured that the bosses are not easy to defeat that will bring out the best tactics from the gamers.

The plot of the game can get thicker as there is a PvP arena in real time where players can pit each other either in single-person or group. Players have more than 200 specialized weapons and 500 armor components from the game’s upgrade and customization.

Not all people had the opportunity to have their hands on how the game could actually be played. The game’s soft launch, unfortunately, are region-specific, meaning there are regions where the pre-launch version is locked. The initial video footage of the game looks excellent, however.

Madfinger Games in its tweet said it took three years for the developers for “all the devices that meet requirements” to run the games. Well, gamers cannot almost wait for the release date to see what those three years had done to the game.

As the release date of Shadowgun Legends is getting closer by day – the developers said they could even release it earlier than March 22 if possible – gamers are kept in suspense. There is a pre-registration in the official site of the “Shadowgun Legends” for those who wanted to be notified when the game is released.

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