Samsung’s Foldable Phone May be Retailed as a Gaming Gadget, and Might Not be Called Galaxy X

Ruby Balagso
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Samsung intends to unveil a smartphone that is foldable by the early parts of 2019. This has been reported by The Wall Street Journal lately. As per the New York-based newspaper, Samsung will launch a foldable 7-inch device that is similar to the shape of a wallet with an outside display.

In the past month, reports came out that Samsung’s foldable phone, Galaxy, may have a hefty price at around $2,000. This implies that it could be a device for specific customers within the market. As of the moment, it appears like Samsung intends to produce a gaming smartphone; however, there is no verifiable link between the gaming and foldable phones.

Reports about Samsung preparing to launch a foldable smartphone dubbed as Galaxy X has been in the air numerous times before. The said reports likewise implied that the unveiling date was set for 2015. However, since that time, the South Korean multinational tech company has not released any foldable smartphone.

Taking the reports into proper perspective, there should have been at least two models of foldable smartphones from Samsung since 2015. Bloomberg reported in the past year that the said Galaxy X will be unveiled this year. But as it turns out, this may really take place by next year.

The same sources also stated that the foldable smartphone from Samsung will not be called Galaxy X. As for the moment, it is not clear what Samsung will be delivering to the public. Past rumors alleged that Samsung will enhance the S9’s successor – Galaxy S10 to be at par with Apple’s current naming strategy that commenced with the iPhone X.

Each and every report above did not officially come from Samsung. Meaning, the reports must not be interpreted or taken literally. Although there is still a big possibility that further details will be known before the current year comes to an end.

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