Samsung to Debut Two Variants of the Galaxy Note 9 Sporting Triple Camera Setup

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Just last week, Samsung surprised millions of its fans by confirming the much-speculated Galaxy Note 9 —the new device in its Note flagship series. Although it may seem a bit early, the Korean-based tech innovator has again treated fans to another surprise announcement, albeit unintended.

Two Galaxy Note 9s

SamMobile, a community of Samsung enthusiasts, revealed that the company has started testing out the firmware for the Galaxy Note’s newest iteration globally. They add that alongside this surprise revelation, Samsung brought forth two firmware version of its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 —one for a device which runs the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and another for its own Exynos 9810.

The firmware versions that are currently undergoing testing are as follows: ‘N960FXXE0ARB7’ and the ‘N960FXXU0ARC5.’ With this now out in the open, it’s probably safe to say that Samsung is indeed working out the kinks in unveiling two versions of the Galaxy Note 9. Although surprising, Samsung’s strategy isn’t a new one since they dropped the Note 9’s predecessor, Galaxy Note 8, with the same processor variation.

An Earlier Outing

According to Forbes, what this particular event entails is that Samsung might already be planning to debut the Galaxy Note 9 at an earlier time. They say that this firmware testing phase is reminiscent of what they did with the Galaxy Note 8, which saw a launch date significantly earlier than with their previous outings. However, what’s different this time is that the Galaxy Note 9 has seen a firmware testing phase two weeks earlier when compared to last year’s Galaxy Note 8, which might mean that we’ll be able to get our paws on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 earlier than expected.

This particular strategy seems to be the smartest move since previous Galaxy Note releases coincided with Apple’s iPhone unveilings. By releasing the Galaxy Note 9 at an earlier timeline, it will not be facing-off directly with its competitor the revamped iPhone X, giving itself a much larger leeway to penetrate the market without hitches.

A Triple Treat

Aside from the news of an early release and two planned variants, the Galaxy Note 9 has also been in the eye of the public, mainly, for its rumored Triple camera setup –a first in the mobile industry. Latest leaked image (below) claims that the device might come with the never-before-seen camera setup complemented with a narrow-bezel screen and premium metal frame.

Galaxy Note 9

Credi- Weibo


On top of this, the artist renders also shows a new security feature on the device —an in-display fingerprint sensor, which is a trait currently sought after by consumers. On the back, the concept phone will be receiving a third camera sensor in place of the now front and center fingerprint sensor and in line with its three-camera setup. This third sensor is assumed to be either a wide-angle or a monochrome type to better go against other upcoming devices in the market such as Huawei’s P20.

Though hinted, Samsung has yet to announce or confirm a release date for the much-awaited Galaxy Note 9. Fans and consumers should always take these developments with a grain of salt seeing as they did not originate from Samsung itself. Regardless of whether these speculations are true or not, it’s good to be in the know of developments surrounding the Galaxy Note 9 since, eventually, they may lead to the truth.

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