Samsung Teases Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Lilac Purple Variant and Leaked Photos Spotted

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Exciting new details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have been found. This time around, a number of photos have been spotted, revealing some interesting details in regards to its release date and design.

The Lilac Purple Variant

The photo came from a Dutch site called Nieuwe Mobile. According to the site, these are the official press images of the upcoming Note 9. The first photo features the front, back and side design of the device.

Credit- Nieuwe Mobile

For its front design, we can see its magnificent display, the absence of physical buttons below (which suggests that it may feature digital buttons), two buttons on the left side (the longer button could be the volume keys), and a single button on the right. In addition to that is that curved edges that add elegance to its design.

Meanwhile, on the rear side, we can see the horizontal-stacked dual-lens camera setup with a LED flash module. Also, below its camera setup is a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Teases Release Date

As for the second photo, it only features the front design. However, one thing that’s quite interesting (as with the first photo) is the date mentioned on the screen which reads, “Fri, August 24”.
Galaxy Note 9

Credit- nieuwemobiel

What does this mean? Is this Samsung telling us that this will be the unveiling date or launch date? Or does this mean nothing at all?

Well, according to previous reports, the unpacking event for the Note 9 will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on August 9, 2018. After that, the pre-orders will begin on August 14, while sales will start on August 24.

The Leaked Photos

Two leaked photos were spotted recently which are said to be the Note 9. According to Slash Leaks, the photo came from

Interestingly enough, comparing it to the “official press images”, there seems to be some difference with the top portion of its front design. Or perhaps this is due to the angle it was taken so it can’t be clearly seen? But hey, there’s also the possibility that the photos from Nieuwe Mobile could be the ones that are inaccurate.

On the second leaked photo, it features the front and back design. Again, there’s the difference with the top portion of the front design.

However, for its back design, they do look similar – the horizontal-stacked dual-lens camera setup and the fingerprint sensor. But if we are to nitpick it, the first lens from the left does seem a bit larger compared to the “official press images”.

So what can you say about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaked photos? Are they fake or real? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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