Samsung Looks To Revive Galaxy View Line With Galaxy View 2 Launch: Everything We Know!

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Samsung’s Galaxy View is a massive tablet that features an 18.4-inch display which was released three years ago. Now, there are reports pointing to the possibility of the of a second generation Galaxy View 2 in the works and could come to the public within the coming months. Here are all the current news and everything we know about the huge tablet.

Initially released back in 2015, Galaxy View’s purpose was confusing at first, it was too big to be a tablet and too complicated to be a conventional display. To be exact, the purpose of this massive beast is something in between.

The recent speculation of the revival of the Galaxy View 2 came from a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification documents that featured a model number SM-T927A. Shockingly, the Bluetooth documentation clearly specified that the device is for a long lost Galaxy View line.

The specification shows that the Galaxy View 2 will support Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. On the other side Wi-Fi certification documents tells that the device will support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n ac connectivity and will be running at 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency.

Galaxy View vs Galaxy View 2

The original Galaxy View featured weird stuff during its time. Aside from the obvious large screen that takes about 18 inches and weighs around six pounds, the huge device is not powerful compared to other devices out there during its time.

On the other hand, the rumored Galaxy View 2 features a smaller screen than its predecessor. The device sports a 17.5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution. Although it is more compact than the original, it is still massive compared to other devices out there.

The Galaxy View 2 now uses a USB Type-C charging port which is a common thing on almost all devices out there today. This is a huge upgrade to the conventional laptop like AC power adaptor which the original Galaxy View has. Switching to a USB Type-C will be more practical and will fit the current line of devices.

Under the hood, the Galaxy View 2 will use an Exynos processor like the previous model. For the RAM, it houses 3GB of RAM and is said to have no stylus pen unlike most of the Galaxy Tablet today. The Good thing about this is that it will have an SD card but there are no concrete details on how much it will support. It will also be running at Android Oreo which will not be surprising since almost all new devices are running with the latest OS.

For now, we just have to wait for more clues and news regarding the Galaxy View 2 as currently, we can’t find any evidence that will point on how much the device will costs. Information is also limited especially when the huge tablet will become available to the public as Samsung is still not yet giving out any concrete details about their new project.

We can make an assumption based on the previous Galaxy View. Three years ago, the first version was released on October. It is hard to say that the new Samsung Galaxy View 2 will become available by October but since we don’t hear that much from Samsung about this new device, the chance of an October release date is very slim.

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