Samsung Gear S4 Latest News, Updates and Specs Rumors

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Close to two years after the release of its predecessor, the Samsung Gear S4 will finally be available this year. It looks like Samsung has a few tricks up its sleeves for its premiere smartwatch line.

Latest Samsung Gear S4 news

Samsung is said to be offering a Gold hue of the Samsung Gear S4, according to SamMobile. The Gold S4 will be the first of its kind in Samsung’s smartwatch line as the previous versions were only available in Silver and Black.

Just like the previous generation, Samsung may also sell separate Gear S4 models for sporty and fashionable looks. However, it is assumed that the Gold hue will not be used for the sporty variant of the Gear s3 successor.

Design and specs

Samsung also invested a lot in improving the battery life of the Samsung Gear S4, according to Tech Radar. Both variants of the upcoming wearable will get a 470mAh battery, which is an improvement from the 380mAh of the Samsung Gear S3 and 300mAh of the Samsung Gear Sport. This means that your battery can last one day longer than the 2-3 days of life that the S3 has.

Pricing and release date

The Korean tech giant has not officially disclosed the release date of the Samsung Gear S4 yet. However, tech pundits expect it will arrive in stores as early as the last quarter of the year.

As to the cost, it is reasonable to assume that the upcoming smartwatch from Samsung will have a similar price as its predecessor. When the Samsung Gear S3 was launched, it was sold for $349.

Other Samsung news

In related Samsung news, it looks like the tech company is going to assign a hefty price tag on its newest Galaxy phone, according to Forbes. The long-rumored foldable smartphone that may be called Galaxy X could be sold for $2,000.

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