Samsung Gear S4 Galileo to Fix Problems with Gear S3 and Match Apple Watch

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Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch Samsung Gear S4, code-named Galileo, will fix the problems that its predecessor, Gear S3 had. It will try to match the Apple watch by offering two size variations in Gear S4.

Samsung Gear S4, carrying the model number SM-R800 is all set to hit the market. The smartwatch, according to the Samsung blog SamMobile will come in two different sizes with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, all carrying it. Even though the dimensions of Samsung Gear S4 are not yet known, it is being speculated that the watches will be smaller in size as compared to S3.

Gear S3 Problems

Until now, all of Samsung’s watches have come in a single size, in spite of many users complaining of the big size. The Gear S3 case measured 46mm, which means it is 4mm bigger than the largest Apple Watch (42mm case). Since most consumers prefer a smaller wristwatch, Apple has an advantage over Samsung in this area. The Korean tech giant is planning to fix this problem with the Gear S4 in order to be able to compete with other company smart watches, especially Apple.

Listed below are the specification details, features and latest updates of Samsung Gear S4 that you are waiting to know:

Gear S4 Features and Specifications

Overall Health Track: There will be fitness aspects added to S4 as the company wants the watch to be able to monitor the user’s health. It will be a powerhouse watch with enhanced sleep-tracking features and blood pressure sensor among other features.

Size Specifications: S3’s large case did not suit people with smaller wrists and also did not appeal to those who wanted a subtler look.

The Gear S3 range was in the past split into Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Frontier. However, both watches were of equal size with a 1.3-inch screen on each. It is not sure whether the Gear S4 will be a split like the previous range with different sizes or it will be the same watch with different sizes, like Apple Watches which offered two options – 38mm and 42mm. It is also possible that the larger watch offers LTE features while the watches with the smaller size do not.

Gear S4 Release Date

Samsung Gear S4 is being developed in the US and in most likelihood will release by end of this year with a huge focus on the US market. An announcement regarding the launch of the watch is expected to be revealed by the company in September at IFA 2018 trade show in Berlin. This is the place where Samsung had announced the launch of the Gear S3 (2016) and Gear Sport (2017).

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