Samsung Galaxy X Slated To Be Available Next Year – Latest Specs, Release Date, and Pricing Detailed

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The Korean tech company Samsung Electronics seems to be pushing ahead of its competitors to earn the title of the first company in the world to put a foldable phone on the market. The long-rumored Galaxy X is slated and will arrive as early as next year.

According to The Sun, the company’s suppliers are preparing to begin working on the sci-fi phone, which will be assembled and available next year as tipsters claim. The company has already admitted that a bendy handset is in works having a true foldable display. They are reported to be filing several patents giving more hints for its potential specs. Starting this coming November, the parts for the said phone will be supplied to the company’s handset division.

Speaking of specifications, the futuristic gadget will be able to fold without damaging its internal components. The parts will move in sync with the touchscreen display using an artificial muscle. When Galaxy X is folded over, the size of the external display will be smaller at estimated 4.5 inches.

Then, the Samsung Galaxy X will also have a massive 7.3-inch OLED display consisting of two internal screens. This is the same screen you will see from the current super-sharp display of the iPhone X. However, this one from Samsung will be bigger by 1.5 inches. The prototype is already planned to be shown to major U.S. mobile carriers, as well as in the UK.

In terms of release date, this foldable phone was initially rumored to unveil at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in February. Now, the latest leaks point to Samsung’s partners at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in January. Either will do and indicate the device possibly as soon as next year.

With the pricing, Samsung’s foldable phone will likely be at $600, which could be £600 in the UK ranging with the various models. The retail price tag is suggested to be about 2 million won with no subsidies from its carriers.

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