Samsung Galaxy X: Foldable Smartphone Due Next Year? Should iPhone X Plus, OnePlus 6T Be Threatened

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In a surprise move, it looks like we will be seeing the foldable smartphone that Samsung has been promising all these years. Called the Samsung Galaxy X, the apparently nearing release of the revolutionary device will boost the Korean tech giant’s case as one of the world’s top innovators. This will certainly leave the iPhone X Plus and the OnePlus 6T in the dust.

Samsung Galaxy X confirmed?

DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s Mobile Division, has confirmed that the Samsung flagship with a foldable display is indeed coming. In fact, it can become available as early as this November, according to Forbes. The foldable smartphone, which could also be called Samsung Galaxy S10, could launch during the Samsung Developer Conference, which will be in San Francisco.

Koh says one of the reasons why Samsung fast-tracked the development of the Samsung Galaxy X is the high market interest in a foldable smartphone. The Korean manufacturer definitely does not want to lose the title to the iPhone X Plus and the OnePlus 6T. Both of these upcoming smartphones are rumored to have foldable designs as well.

Koh also argues that the use of the Samsung Galaxy S10 should mark a different experience and purpose when compared to tablets, according to Fortune. However, he did not reveal a lot of details about the upcoming device.

If it turns out to be the world’s first functioning foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will provide a competitive advantage to the Korean company. It can certainly eclipse both the iPhone X Plus and the OnePlus 6T in sales in the next few months.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy X would be a better smartphone than the iPhone X Plus and the OnePlus 6T? Will you purchase the device when it arrives in stores in the next few months? Post an entry in the comments section below this article.

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