Samsung Galaxy X: Latest Patents Reveal for Foldable Phone and Transparent Smartphone Display

Daphne Planca
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The South Korean tech company Samsung showed great interest in developing foldable phones and had been filing numerous patents related to this. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) just recently granted the company another patent for their long-rumored folding smartphone and a transparent display for their phones.

A trifold smartphone dubbed as Galaxy X is one of the new compelling patents from the company presenting an even tougher challenge for companies to create a simple in-folding or out-folding device. Another patent from Samsung showed the design of the foldable smartphone bending horizontally across the display in a landscape mode. The device can stay upright in a vertical arrangement making it a unique way.

The foldable phone Samsung Galaxy X also flaunts a deformation sensor and a controller to do a series of functions important for the bending of the display. A grip sensor also is seen and can be configured to detect the hand grip of a user. Specific grip areas from the user can bend the highly anticipated smartphone.

According to SamMobile, in the patent, the abstract indicates the presence of a display panel, a deformation sensor to aid the bending of the display panel, and a controller to control it. Other than the foldable phone, a design patent from the company Samsung had also been granted. This reveals a smartphone featuring a transparent display without immediate clarity of its benefits. However, a specialized blog Patently Mobile pinpoints it might be used for augmented reality (AR) cases.

To understand the patents’ scope, a thorough reading is needed and advisable instead of looking at the superficial appearance of the patent diagrams. If you will look closely at how more complex and focused are the patents than what the photos suggest. Most often, these patents convey a small and specific part even if the diagram displays the whole Galaxy X.

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