Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Release Slated Early 2018, Purported Samsung Patents Surfaced

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Samsung Galaxy X, which will be the first ever foldable handset from the South Korean tech giant, is anticipated to make its first appearance early next year. As a matter of fact, latest technology news reveals some alleged patents of the upcoming device.

Samsung Galaxy X Patents

According to BGR, Samsung never divulged any information about the Galaxy X details. Nevertheless, the company did file some patents that show several Galaxy X designs.

Recently, TechConfigurations, a YouTube came up with an eye-catching Samsung Galaxy X design. Based on their project, when the handset is folded, a smartphone screen is accessible to the user. But then, when it is folded out, an all-screen tablet or laptop mode screen is shown. This specific design also proposes that the phone can only be folded inwards.

Moreover, latest technology news suggests that the all-screen design is really what makes this device extraordinary. Apart from that, positioning a lot of displays on a single, pocketable gadget may be challenging. It might also prevent Samsung from improving the smartphone’s battery. In spite that the chips and OLED displays are getting more competent, a smartphone-sized gadget that features a tablet-sized screen will necessitate a robust battery.

Nonetheless, this concept is still interesting and more tech pundits are genuinely interested in foldable devices being obtainable in the market. But then, eradicating the outer display and creating a hinge that lets the screen to be folded both inwards and outwards, may give the consumers a reason to patronize the handset.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy X release date, Trusted Reviews has learned that there were speculations that it will be revealed at Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2018. But as of this moment, Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet about the device, thus patrons of the company to take this information with a grain of salt.

Do you think Samsung is really gearing up for the Galaxy X foldable device? Share your thoughts and opinion in our comment section below.

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