Samsung Galaxy X: What Can You Expect From Rumored Foldable Phone?

Purnima Gupta
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Foldable phone concept is clearly bringing the smartphone tech innovations to a threshold. Technology giants – Microsoft (Surface Phone) and Samsung have reportedly included this specific technology in their itinerary. In addition, there is no dearth of speculations, leaks, and updates. Allegedly, rumors are once again pointing at Samsung’s foldable phone concept that resembles a notebook. Predictions are rife that the reported phone will have the widest screen ever. Almost similar to a size of a tablet, Samsung Galaxy X is likely to merge the concept of smartphone and tablet. And, we are highly in support of this evolution in a smartphone.

What Can You Expect From Samsung’s Galaxy X?

This foldability feature in Samsung Galaxy X will provide ease of view through screen separation. Users will have an option to choose a wide single view, as well. In either case, we believe that a split screen option will be the major puller. Ability to operate more than one functions through a screen split will offer more flexibility to the users. This feature can pave the way to the battle of features in the smartphone market.

There is a downside though. The leaks suggest that Samsung Galaxy X might not provide a screen protection for Galaxy X. Samsung will not pursue a screen protection initially, citing foldability as a protection in itself for the phone. As a replica of a notebook design, Samsung X is likely to be bulky in weight. While at this point in time, there are absolutely no speculations about the price of this device. We are expecting a close comparison in terms of prices with Samsung’s own flagship, the Galaxy Note 8 (priced at $950). Going as per the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy X may be costlier, owing to the latest split/foldable screen feature. In case of Galaxy X, Samsung is not looking forward to continuing the curved-edge display, again due to the foldable screen of the device.

Regarding the release date, one report from Forbes has indicated that we may not see a foldable phone from Samsung this year. Lastly, with Galaxy X, Samsung will try to limit the availability. It’s likely to introduce the device in the Asian markets at first and wait for initial responses, as done earlier also.

All in all, a foldable Samsung Galaxy X phone seems like a bright new awaited device for ardent Samsung fans. What’s do you think? Comment below.

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