Samsung 'Galaxy Watch' Gear S4: Price and Release Date

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One of the highly anticipated devices this year is Samsung’s Gear S4. If you’re one of those fans looking for the latest scoop regarding the device, then you came to the right place because here are the latest rumors and leaks regarding its release date, price, and “official” name.

The Release Date

Assuming that Samsung will stick to its announcement and release dates, it’s quite easy to predict when the Gear S4 will be released. Take note:

  • Gear S2 (Classic / Sport) – Announced on August 31, 2015, and then released in the US on October 2.
  • Gear S3 (Classic / Frontier) – Announced on August 31, 2016, and then released in the US on November 18.
  • Gear Sport– Announced on August 31, 2017, and then released in the US on October 13.

As you can see, all three models were released on August 31st, while its released dates differ. With this information, we can already assume that the upcoming device will be announced in August, and be released on either October or November.

The Price Tag

  • Gear S2 – sports model ($299) and its Classic model ($349)
  • Gear S3 – sports model ($349) and its Frontier model ($349)
  • Gear Sport – $299

So how much will the Gear S4 cost? Well, this is a bit tricky to guess.

First of all, it’s important to note that according to reports, there will be two models which will not only have different sizes but also different variants (LTE and non-LTE). If this is the case, then it’s hard to say whether it will follow the S2 price tags or the S3’s.

Of course, there are two other possibilities. One is that there will only be one model. The other possibility is that both models could come with a $299 price tag.

The ‘Official’ Name and Other Details

Last July 6, well-known leakster Ice Universe posted a tweet regarding the Gear S4. According to him, the upcoming smartwatch will be named as Galaxy Watch.

In addition to that, he also revealed that the device will be based on Android Wear, powered by a 470 mAh battery, and with come with a PLP package. Furthermore, it’s expected to have a new UX interaction and blood pressure measurement.

So what are your thoughts on the abovementioned rumors surrounding Samsung Gear S4? Did we miss any? We would like to hear from you on the comment section below.

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