Samsung Galaxy S10: A Look At Samsung’s Next Flagship Device

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Although it’s just been a few weeks since Samsung’s newest S9 series dropped, many are now in the midst of figuring out what the next installment will be. This less than stellar reception can be attributed to the device’s lack of ingenuity when it comes to features and design. The S9 lineup only improved on what the S8 already had, which negatively affected the device’s identity. Though this is the case, be rest assured that Samsung will jump back from this creativity block and bring us something more worthwhile. To give you a preview of what’s to come, we’ve made you a list of things that Samsung will definitely improve on in its next installment, the Galaxy S10.

A True Bezel-Less Experience

Though we’ve clearly witnessed devices with little to no bezels in recent years, we have yet to come across something that boasts of a true Bezel-less experience. In this regard, we might finally see Samsung provide its consumer fanbase something along those lines with rumors circulating that the Galaxy S10 will be sporting a larger screen to body ratio. According to Gizchina, the S10 is set to be integrated with an Infinity Display screen with a ratio of 93% in contrast to the body.

An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

As demonstrated by VIVO, an in-display fingerprint scanner is not an impossible feat to accomplish. Seeing as Samsung has been given much leeway to develop their own take on the said technology, we’ll probably be seeing the feature integrated into the Galaxy S10 once it drops. According to Expert Reviews, consumers will be seeing the feature first-hand on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 and then the Galaxy S10 will follow suit.

A New Form Factor

More into aesthetics, similar to its previous product lines, Samsung will probably employ a different design aesthetic to the much-speculated Galaxy S10. Obvious on its current roster, Samsung might choose to make their new device thinner and much more compact. They might also be planning to remove the Bixby button as the venture did not prove to be a fruitful undertaking. In addition to this, the device might also come in a waterproof variant, which Samsung hasn’t done in a few years.

More Powerful and Faster

One aspect that is sure to get an upgrade in this new device is the chip processor. Though Qualcomm is sure to provide the chips, it’s unlikely for the current Snapdragon 845 to be included in the S10’s setup. As with newer devices, we expect (in theory) the upcoming Galaxy S10 to come with the Snapdragon 855, which is a plausible scenario since the phone isn’t going to see a release anytime soon and by that time chip processors might see a leap in development.

Triple Camera Setup

With recent news reports pointing towards a triple camera setup as the future of mobile photography, it’s safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with the new trinity setup. Aside from this, this new advancement might also employ a new sensor that will improve photographs by leaps and bounds. Partnered with this new setup, a much more powerful front-camera setup might also see an appearance in the new device seeing as the current trend dictates a much selfie-centric experience for users.

If you’re interested in seeing our predictions come to life, you can watch TechConfiguration’s concept video of the Samsung Galaxy S10 below.

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