Samsung Galaxy S10: No 5G Connectivity, Foldable Design Yet? S9 Sales In Danger?

Yves Amodia
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More than a month since the release of its direct predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is already making headlines. With the slow sales for the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is looking like the burden of recovering earnings will fall on the next phone in the product line.

No foldable structure, 5G Internet for Samsung Galaxy S10?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is unlikely to be the company’s first 5G smartphone, according to ZD Net. DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business, confirms that the S10 will still be in 4G when it hits retailers. 5G connectivity will instead be integrated into another model. The company, however, is committed to achieving 5G connectivity soon as South Korean telcos are on pace to launch 5G networks by March next year.

The S10 may also not be the first foldable smartphone. As much as Samsung wants to be the first company to offer foldable devices, the company wants the product to be “genuinely accepted and liked” by tech experts and buyers.

Dismal sales for Samsung Galaxy S9

If the S10 becomes a major success for the company, its sales will be able to offset the disappointing numbers for the S9. It is already estimated to become the worst-selling Galaxy S phone in six years, according to BGR.

The recently-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 9, due out this month, is already on course to outpace the S9 because of its stronger performance and sharper graphics. This may just mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could outsell the S9.

The Galaxy S10 will most likely hit stores next year. There is a chance that the Korean tech giant will push the phone earlier, considering the weak sales of S9, according to Express.

Will you still buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 even when the phone does not have 5G connectivity and foldable design? Will it continue the decline of sales that started with the Samsung Galaxy S9? Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be better than the S9? Comment below so we will know your thoughts and opinions.

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