Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leak Reveals Powerful Specs and Features For 10th Edition Of Galaxy S

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A series of leaks on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 during the week provides a clearer launch image. Samsung has been introducing its “S series” smartphone a day prior to the Mobile World Congress for the past couple of years. At present, the company elevated expectations by launching their device, endowed with new features a month earlier than usual.

Like its rival, Apple, who had bigger anticipation for its iPhone’s 10th year birthday, Samsung has similar high hopes for the 10th year of recurrent presentation of its leading phone, the Galaxy S. The company’s Galaxy S9’s features did not have a great difference with the previous phone it release before the S9. But Samsung users are expecting the Galaxy S10 to be a definite improvement.

The Galaxy S range of smartphones is said to have fingerprint technology sensors for quite some time now. Currently, the device is still utilizing a back-face scanner. Rumors indicate that Samsung is decided to release the said technology on their S line of phones. Incidentally, Vivo may have something to do with this decision.

ETNews information has it that Samsung has been quoted to say that that the Galaxy S10’s presence is real along with the fingerprint recognition display. Additionally, Qualcomm is in the know of the sensor, and Samsung Display is accountable for the smartphone’s display.

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Mobile companies such as Vivo are giving Samsung a run for their money in many countries around the world. So, when small smartphone companies who have better-looking gadgets compared to Samsung are in the mix, it is definitely the time for the high-tech South Korean company to dominate the situation.

To keep competitors at bay, the Galaxy S10 will probably materialize with the fingerprint sensor technology at hand. Rumors likewise hint that the Galaxy S10 will showcase a new and innovative kind of sensor. The said sensor will be in place to keep abreast with the iPhone X’s Facial ID system as well as propel the gadget to the future in terms of augmented reality.

Clues from hearsay indicate that the Galaxy S10 will likewise be constructed with a new front 3D facial sensor. Also, the S10 will have a 3D scanner made by Mantis Vision, a 3D company from Israel. In the mix is Woodgate (a South Korean company) for the smartphone’s 3D camera sensing technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are likely to be the same in dimensions with the company’s earlier smartphones. Latest rumors hint that although the gadgets will maintain their .03 inch sizes, their respective displays may be increased to 0.08-inch diagonally, which is not actually considered larger.

Hopefully, all the mentioned features will be incorporated in the Galaxy Note 9 once it hits the market. The Galaxy Note 9’s event is expected to be held by the early part of August, and the launch date is likely to be at the latter part of August or early part of September. Should the Galaxy S10 be unveiled in January during the CES, then expect its official launch by the middle part of February 201?.

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