Samsung Galaxy S10: First 5G Phone? Rumored Lowered Production Volume Raises Eyebrows

Yves Amodia
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After last week’s bombshell revelation of an upcoming folded smartphone, it seems people’s attention is no longer on the Samsung Galaxy S10. The upcoming device, which is said to directly precede the foldable smartphone, seems to have a few surprises of its own upon release.

5G for Samsung Galaxy S10?

The S10 will apparently have a variant that has 5G capabilities, according to TechnoBezz. It is currently called Beyond 2 in the development stage through a lot expect that it will be called Galaxy S10 Plus when it reaches retail. This will make it the first Samsung device to have 5G connectivity. This will mean that Samsung will be behind Huawei and other manufacturers by a few months in launching a 5G phone.

The 5G connectivity feature is already seen as a reason for the smartphone to raise its price for this iteration. It could sell for more than $1,000, making it the most expensive mass-market Samsung device.

This will definitely affect the manufacturing volume of the smartphone. If reports are true, the 5G-enabled model will not be mass-produced. Only 5 percent or 2 million of the Galaxy S10 models will have 5G capabilities, according to Forbes.

While the incredibly low production volume surprised many, it did make sense. Networks that have 5G connectivity are not that widespread yet and carriers all over the world are still scrambling to get into the train. Mass-producing the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be a big risk for the company.

Samsung has not released any official word on when the S10 will be available. But the current consensus is that it will likely be out by Tuesday, March 5 next year.

What are your thoughts on the latest developments with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S10? How will this affect the sales of the Korean tech giant? Tell us what you think by posting an entry in the comments section below.

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